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Horse Bits

Horse Bits
We offer an enormous range of bits, from jointed snaffles to continental gags, you are sure to find the right bit for you and your horse.
A brief overview of the five main families of bit is detailed below.
Snaffles are probably the most popular type of bit - they can be straight bar, single or double jointed - all of these work in a slightly way to create a different reaction. In addition to the mouthpiece, snaffles can also have different rings - they can be fixed to help prevent pinching, loose to allow greater movement or 'play', D-ring, fulmer or full cheek to help prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth and to help with steering or hanging cheek which helps prevent the horse getting his tongue over the bit.
Although some snaffles can be very mild, not all are. If the mouthpiece is thin, or has an uneven surface, or the plate in a double jointed is twisted this can increase the severity.
Doubles or Weymouths are most commonly seen in dressage and showing arena. Doubles are made up of three part, bradoon, curb bit and curb chain.
In addition to the normal areas that bits work, doubles also act on the chin groove and poll and this can help encourage more advanced head carriage and improve control.
Gags are related to the snaffle but are more severe. Gags work by using the action of a conventional bit with a lever action which works on the poll. They are often seen on horses playing polo, going cross country and hunting.
As with pelhams, gags can be used with two reins and should only be used by expierenced riders.
Pelhams aim to combine the action associated with a double in one bit. It can either be used with roundings or with double reins to encourage refinement.
Pelhams are generally quite severe and should only be used by expierence riders.
Bitless bridles or hackamores are not technically bits but are used as an alternative. Despite the lack of bit, bitless bridles can be very severe. They rely on points of control outside the horse's mouth-especially the nose

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Bomber Loose Ring Barrel
The Barrel joint limits the nut cracker action and spreads the usual pressure over a larger area.
Price: £74.00

Bomber Loose Ring Control Plate Dressage
The Bomber Control Plate is set at 45 to follow the contour of the horses tongue.
Price: £62.00

Bomber Loose Ring Elliptical
The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth.
Price: £62.00

Bomber Loose Ring Flexible Mullen.
Top Product
Bomber Bits are stainless steel chain covered with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant PVC tube offering an exceptionally soft and evenly distributed pressure over tongue and bars.
Price: £78.00

Bomber Loose Ring Snaffle
The Bomber Snaffle is a popular bit due to the curved mouthpiece which distributes pressure more evenly over tongue and bars. With the offset centre link it will reduce the nutcraker action and pressure points on the tongue.
Price: £56.00

Bomber Weymouth Happy Tongue
Top Product
The Bomber Weymouth works on several parts of a horse's head and mouth. The bit mouthpiece acts on the bars, tongue and roof of the mouth.
Price: £132.00

Loose Ring Bomber Blue
The Bomber Blue is a unique bit which produces amazing results for the majority of horses.
Price: £82.00

Shires 3 Slot Driving Bit
This is the standard driving bit, which gives leverage and increased poll pressure.
Price: £28.00