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This section is where you will find our collection of bridlework. We have a huge range of complete bridles, bridle parts, spares and accessories, and reins.

Sections In Bridlework

Bridle Parts/Spares
Here is where you will find our selection of spares and parts for bridles, including Browbands, Cavessons, Head Pieces and Cheek Pieces.

Complete Bridles
We have a great range of  high quality complete bridles in a number of styles to suit all tastes and disciplines. Our range includes bridles from Sabre Leather Company, and Kincade in a all sizes and colours.

We believe reins are a highly important piece of equipment when it comes to the safety of both the rider and their horse or pony. For this reason we carefully select quality reins from top leather companies including Sabre and Collegiate.