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Horse, includes a variety of products such as headcollars, leadropes, horse boots, a wide selection of rugs:- turnout, stable exercise, travel, fly and cooler rugs. All these come from major brands such as Horseware, Mark Todd, Shires and many more at affordable prices.

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These great flymasks are designed to protect your horses face from flies and other flying insects.

Hoof Care
The Saddlery has a range of hoof oils, Supplements and ointments. Whether you’re Preparing for a show or want to use for general purposes, ensure that your horse’s hooves are looked after.

Headcollars & Leadropes
The Saddlery has a range of Headcollars and leadropes in both leather and synthetic.

Horse Bits
We offer an enormous range of bits, from jointed snaffles to continental gags, you are sure to find the right bit for you and your horse.   A brief overview of the five main families of bit is detailed below.   Snaffles are probably the most popular type of bit - they can be straight bar, single or double jointed - all of these work in a slightly way to create a different reaction. In addition to the mouthpiece, snaffles can also have different rings - they can be fixed to help ...

Horse Boots, Wraps & Pads
The Saddlery has, Top quality horse boots suitable for a variety of discipline such as show jumping, dressage and cross country.

Horse Training Aids
The Saddlery's training aids are a great tool to help train and assist you with schooling your horse.

Horse Rugs
How to measure your horse for a rug. The diagram (left) gives the necessary points of reference required for ordering rugs. Measurement A is normally the only one required for the average horse or pony. For horses not of average build, i.e. Draught horses, foals etc., points B, C, D and E...

Rug Accessories
The Saddlery has rug accessories come from leading brands such as Shires and Horseware to assist in making your horse's rug the ultimate fit.

Travel Accessories
The Saddlery has a top range of travel accesories from Woof Wear and Amigo is to make it less labour intensive for you and comfortable for your horse.

Saddle Pads, Numnahs & Riser Pads
This is where you will find our extensive range of saddle pads, numnahs and riser pads. We are sure to cover your needs or personal preferences with our range of saddle pads and numnahs. And our selection of riser pads is certain to help you find the correct riser to enhance comfort for both horse and rider.

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Equiline Ambra Horse ear veil
Equiline Ambra Horse ear veil
Price: £63.60