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These great flymasks are designed to protect your horses face from flies and other flying insects.

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Equiline Ambra Horse ear veil
Equiline Ambra Horse ear veil
Price: £63.60

Roma Buzz Away Fly Mask
Basic but effective fly mask that will protect the horse from biting flies and insects. The outer binding has a fleece lining therefore will not rub and the nose region will be protected from sunburn. Secured by a strap around the ears and also by a touch tape closure under the chin.
Price: £16.00

Shires Field Durable Fly Mask
A sturdy fly mask with nose extension and air stream fabric ears for added protection against flies and bugs. Fleece padding along the seams creates a snug fit and lifts the veil away from the eyes for excellent comfort and visibility. The field durable mesh and adjustable touch close safety straps makes this mask ideal for the turned out horse.
Price: £14.50

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask Veil with Ears
The Shire Fine Mesh Fly Veil with Ears is designed for added protection against small flies and midges.
Price: £11.99

Shires Quickfit Fly Fringe
The Shires Equestrian Quick Fit fly fringe has cord tassels to discourage flies from landing.
Price: £4.99

Weatherbeeta Fly Mask
The Weatherbeeta Fly Mask with Ears and Insect Shield is a great addition fly mask to your horse's wardrobe especially if your horse/pony is irritated by biting flies and insects, as it contains an active ingredient that is a man made version of a natural insect deterrent found in certain types of chrysanthemum plants.
Price: £19.99