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The Tri-Zone brand stands for 'Intelligent Targeted Protection'. They carefully design their premium range of products to provide an optimum level of protection for your horse's limbs during stressful work. Protection can be from concussion (knocks from other limbs or from hitting fences) and from penetration injuries, such as tendon strike. At the same time, they also ensure that the boots are as light and flexible as possible, to minimise overheating.

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Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boot
Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boot incorporates a protective strike pad which protects the inside of the fetlock joint.
Price: £40.00

Tri-Zone Airlite Tendon Boot
Tri-Zone Airlite Tendon Boot incorporates a substantial tendon protection system.
Price: £50.99

Tri-Zone Brushing Boot
Tri-Zone have designed these Brushing Boots to be protective, tough, flexible and lightweight which are perfect for every day use.
Price: £19.96

Tri-Zone Overreach Boot
Tri-Zone Overreach Boots have been developed to provide safe protection from overreach injuries.
Price: £25.00