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Prestige Italia GP2 Lux

Prestige Italia GP2 Lux

Prestige Italia GP2 Lux general purpose saddle


Price: £2196.00

The saddle is suited to short hacking jaunts and to riding-ground work. The seat enables the reader to remain properly positioned both during flat work and, by shortening the stirrup length, when also performing small jumps. The seat and the knee pads are in high-quality calfskin that has been double tanned and oiled for improved grip and comfort. The blocks are anatomically shaped (banana-shaped blocks). There have been extensive changes to the lower part of the saddle. The new padded panels are of the latest generation and are no longer inseparable from the underflaps, but "free”. In this way the saddle better adapts to different horse conformations. Available also in the Lux version: tobacco brown, black. Lined leather notable for a suppleness typical of calfskin but with the toughness of leather.