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Prestige Italia Advanced Jumping Saddle

Prestige Italia Advanced Jumping Saddle
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Price: £2931.00

Advanced model, is a single-flap saddle purpose designed and devised for cross-country riding. Its relatively shallow seat affords riders the maximum freedom of movement throughout the entire time they are airborne when jumping. Nor is the cantle ever a bother to riders when they return to earth a further plus. The saddle affords riders excellent contact, thanks to its narrow twist. The front rolls located on the panels provide riders with ideal support and the maximum safety. The saddle features X-TECHNOLOGY. The panels, too, are new, with a design that couples honeycomb- type material and soft terry cloth. These anatomically shaped panels ensure the fullest freedom of movement to the muscles of the trapezius. Damask leather inserts to the rear, on the stirrup leather keeper on the flaps, and on the panels channel. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Prestige Italia saddle please contact us. The price listed is for the premium version of this saddle, and it may be possible to purchase the saddle at a lower price depending on the finish you would like. There are many options available on these saddles, please contact us if you would like to discuss the saddles with one of our Society Master Saddlers qualified saddle fitters.